about me

hey, I’m Arsalan!
This is my story.

3 years ago I was in your shoes.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the details of the wedding day.

But I still couldn't wait for the day to arrive, the day I would marry my wife.

That was the best day of our lives. As the months went by all the details which we had fussed over faded from our memories.

What stayed with us was how we felt.

I still remember the day we got our wedding photos. The magic of being able to relive the best day of my life was something which filled me with joy, awe, and most importantly inspiration.

From that day on I knew I wanted to do the same for others.

My wedding experience is at the core of my approach to wedding photography. The most important thing to me is to capture your love in its true, authentic form.

The Loving Core philosophy

I believe in the magic of moments 

The Loving Core is soft kisses.
A warm embrace.
It's laughing until you cry.
It's all about the little moments.

The philosophy of the Loving Core is rooted in my own love for street photography. There is a concept in street photography known as the decisive moment:

A moment in time which represents the essence of the unfolding event

It's these moments which I capture through my candid approach to storytelling. For me this means understanding how you show your affection for each other, and then capturing the essence of your relationship with each image.

There is no awkward posing, just expressing your love in the ways which you naturally do.

The process


Learn about the


of your story

The Loving Core process begins with learning all about your story. I'm genuinely interested in all of my couples stories, and can't wait to hear yours!


Listen to your

unique wants & needs

Since every couple I work with is unique in their own way, I'm listening to identify what you value most. These first two steps lays the foundations of the Loving Core Process.

The process


Plan for your

peace of mind

This is my favourite step of the process; planning for peace of mind! This means helping my clients plan their wedding day to go exactly how they want. I love using my knowledge and experience to guide my clients to that feeling of bliss knowing that everything is planned perfectly.

The process


Capture the


or your moments

The big day has arrived and I'm ready to capture the essence of your moments. It's the kind of day which will go by way too fast, but you'll have a blast the whole time. So laugh, love, and live for each other.

The process




you can cherish forever

The final step of the process is crafting images which become timeless memories you can cherish forever. Whether you want to relive a special moment or share your moments with family and friends, it’s all up to you!

The process

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about me

June 23rd, 2019 was the day that I married the love of my life, Madhulika. The journey to our wedding day started back in our early 20s when we met. I was studying engineering, and she was studying fine arts. We’re the definition of opposites attract, I like to say that her love for art and design rubbed off on me, and now here I am; a photographer! :)

We both love to try different kinds of food, so most of our dates involve a new food spot we’ve been wanting to go to. I love to cook, and Madhulika loves to eat, so sometimes we’ll just stay in and I’ll make something new!

One of my favourite ways to spend time is to go out for a walk in Toronto with my camera and take pictures. Storytelling is my passion, so when I go out I’m always searching for a stories to capture with my camera.